Savi 2020: Postponed to a later date

B2B Business Opportunities

To benefit from this service during this great poultry exhibition, please download this form, fill it and send it back to us at:

B2B Meeting form

You can also fill out the form below and it will reach us immediately once you have submitted it.

Entreprise Institution

NB : By completing and submitting this company profile form, you automatically confirm your commitment to honor all appointments affair to be prepared for your company. You also agree to keep confidential any information you receive as part of your B2B exchange.

  • The meetings will take place throughout the SAVI and each session will last between 15 and 40 minutes;
  • The schedule of meetings will be printed and displayed at the B2B point;
  • If you cannot attend a particular meeting, please inform the B2B team before your day of meeting by email ( or at the B2B info point.