Savi 2020: Postponed to a later date

IPAVIC President Speech

The Minister of Livestock Fisheries and Animal Industries,

Distinguished Members of Government,

The Government Delegate to the Yaounde City Council,

Distinguished representatives of international development organizations

Ladies and gentlemen, honored guests, highly respected protocol

Distinguished leaders of the poultry sector,

Ladies and gentlemen,

Distinguished Guests,

It is a real pleasure and a pleasant duty for me to speak here today on behalf of the domestic poultry sector, on the occasion of the inaugural ceremony of the first International Poultry Exhibition in Yaounde.

Let me first of all fulfill a duty of gratitude. This gratitude goes to the Government of the Republic for his sustained concern vis-à-vis the poultry sector. This concern manifests itself in through a public policy particularly generous and incentive. Thus, after the protection of the national market enshrined through the banning on imports of frozen chicken and tracking down fraudulent imports, the government approved a plan to revive the poultry sector. The beginning of its implementation has resulted in direct grants to operators. The beneficial effects are tangible on the ground. Indeed psychosis bidding wars and shortages of chicken in our markets is far behind us. Moreover, several projects, programs and activities accompany the development of the national poultry industry. We can enumerate;

The Facilitation of corn supply to feed producers;

The support to hatcheries for replenishment of the parental stock;

Modernization of slaughtering chickens sites in the markets working in partnership with the Ministry of Commerce and the Urban Community of Bafoussam, Douala and Yaounde;

The realization of the project on the creation of a Technical Centre for the poultry industry (CETIV) maturing at MINIMIDT;

The creation of a poultry cluster under the control of the Competitiveness Committee.

Ladies and gentlemen,

The national poultry industry is organized around the Cameroon inter-professional poultry industry (IPAVIC). It has about 9000 farms all active and create nearly 320 000 jobs. The most recent statistics, that of 2013, show a domestic production of 46,436,000 broilers; equivalent to 69 000 654 tons of chicken meat; the production of table eggs, amount to 119,000,340 tons.

This production though evolving, faces consumption boom. Indeed, the chicken whose consumption is no longer reserved for exceptional circumstances of life has entered the daily diet; thus exerting strong pressure on demand. Despite this pressure, the price of chicken remained the lowest compared to other meats: less than two thousands CFA francs per kilogram.

Holding this event on public funding, is; if need be, another illustration of this constant concern

Mr. Minister of Livestock Fisheries and Animal Industries, please convey to the Government and, through her, to the President of the Republic His Excellency Paul Biya the sincere gratitude of the national poultry industry

But remember, Mr. Minister, that in Africa, « saying thanks is asking for more». And we will not stop asking again and again.

Wishing a good stay with us to foreign operators who agreed to participate as exhibitors at the fair, I would also like to express the wish that the fair actually meets their expectations and that they keep afresh an image of Cameroon, not only a welcoming and peaceful land, but also a country with huge poultry farming potential and business opportunities to take up for the development of their business.

The issues /challenges of this mutation are;

  • Provide better coverage and regulation of the domestic market;
  • Meet local demand;
  • Export surpluses.
  • Why not encourage vocations to the poultry business

Ladies and gentlemen,

I can now wish you a happy show/fair and hope that everyone finds the satisfaction they are expecting.