Savi 2020: Postponed to a later date

Minister’s Speech

Honourable Ministers,

Excellencies, Honourable Ambassadors

The Governor Of The Central Region

The Senior Divisional Officer Of The Division Of Mfoundi,

The Government Delegate To The Yaounde City Council,

The Mayor Of The Municipality Of Yaoundé 5

The President Of The Interprofessional Poultry İndustry Of Cameroon,

The General-Commissionerof The Yaoundé International Poultry Exhibition (Savı 2014)

Honourable Ceos Of Public And Private Companies,

Honourable Scientists,

Honourable Professionals Poultry Farmers

Honourable Operators Of The Livestock Sectors, Fisheries And Animal İndustries,

Honourable Exhibitors,

Distinguished Guests,

Ladies And Gentlemen,

It is for me great joy and great emotion to inaugurate with you from all over Cameroon, Africa and Europe, the first edition of the Yaoundé International Poultry Exhibition  (SAVI 2014) on this beautiful site, Turcam Hall.

I thank you all very sincerely for responding to my invitation for this is, I believe, an event of great economic significance. This fair dedicated to the professionals in the poultry sector will be, for those who are visitors, a great experience and immersion into poultry farming, genuine leverage of growth and vector in the emergence of Cameroon.

However, this is a recognition of the government to the private sector for its involvement in the modernization of production equipment and products processing units of animal origin, and especially of poultry farming.

Beyond this fair, which is very proud to receive you, is also all livestock sectors, agricultural equipment to the food industry including of course by all animal farms, you are honoring today by your presence.

It was necessary to imagine a place that brings together all stakeholders in the poultry sector, from here and elsewhere, a place of appointment with special importance because it reflects not only the strength of our business and jobs that keep them alive, but also the strength of Cameroonian and foreign professional organizations of the poultry sector, the wealth of private initiatives in this amazing ability of Cameroonians to create and innovate.

Organized by the Ministry of Livestock, Fisheries and Animal Industries in partnership with Interprofessional poultry industry of Cameroon (IPAVIC), the International Poultry Exhibition Yaoundé (SAVI) is a demonstration of the implementation of public-private partnership. This grouping of professionals and amateurs in the poultry sector can show the great potential that exists in the sector in our country and in Central Africa in general despite deficits that may occur occasionally.

It is part of the ministerial task for which I am responsible and as according to Decree No. 2012/382 of 14 September 2012 on the organization of MINEPIA, promotes breeding and implements Government policy on the matter.

So this is a promotional action to open-up the Cameroon market to new technologies developed in the modern poultry industry.

The Yaounde International Poultry Exhibition reports also as concretely towards public policies that support businesses. The SAVI 2014 will be a major event in the modernization of production facilities and the upgrade of the Cameroonian poultry.

From today until October 25, over 100 exhibitors declining wealth and diversity in the profession of poultry farming, will make you discover the excellence of their know-how. Hatcheries crafts, stem providers, food producers, importers and distributors of inputs, broiler and breeders, table egg producers, promoters of the slaughter chain, commodity importers, millers, suppliers of additives, meat processors of poultry and eggs.

There is also the pharmaceutical laboratories, research laboratories and analysis, equipment suppliers and capital goods, veterinary companies specializing in animal housing construction, educational institutions, governments, financial institutions and media specialized or not. So many witnesses to the vitality of the poultry basin of Cameroon.

Ladies and gentlemen,

The poultry sector contributes 1% to the GDP and is a pillar of Cameroon’s economy with 15 billion CFA francs and covers 14% of population needs in animal protein. This sector is also a major provider of employment through labor it’s create.

This is why the International Poultry Exhibition Yaoundé (SAVI) to be held from 23 to 25 October 2014 is intended as a meeting place for national and foreign exhibitors representing the entire poultry sector: professionals, suppliers, Cameroonian and foreign partners in the poultry sector and the government. This is a unique opportunity for Cameroon to present the latest technologies, innovations and expertise to professionals in the poultry sector.

Since the last gasps the Cameroonian poultry has known in 2006 after the crisis of bird flu, one can say that the current environment is favorable for the promotion and development of poultry farming. The meeting of industry players to SAVI is an opportunity to discover the innovations and exchanges.

The Cameroonian government supports all initiatives aimed at encouraging and boosting national poultry production. This through tax incentives and other exemptions on farm inputs. Many strategies are underway to make this competitive sector especially the modernization of production facilities. And the show that brings us here today is part of this commitment.

Ladies and gentlemen,

The first edition of the Yaounde International Poultry Exhibition is a unique opportunity for Cameroon to present the latest technology, the latest innovations and know-how to professionals of a sub-region with high potential for poultry development with a potential market of over 120 million people encompassing the countries of the economic Community of African States.

It is to return to sustainable capacity for tenders in animal protein, jobs and sources of foreign currency for the population. The poultry sector is thus a strategic tool in the emergence of Cameroon as advocated by the Head of State, His Excellency Paul Biya.

This show aims at promoting and upgrading the poultry sector, facilitate the transfer of technology and know-how, improve the standard and the quality of poultry production, strengthen the links between the various stakeholders in the sector and drain investment,…

The Yaoundé International Poultry Exhibition in Cameroon will enable operators not only to present their know-how, but also to establish fruitful contacts with partners from here and elsewhere. Likewise, this fair is also an opportunity for Cameroon to benefit from important scientific papers on the development of poultry farming, with academics and other experts here. This will provide  it not only with a commercial advantage, but also to strengthen its leadership in poultry plane in the sub-region and sub-Saharan Africa, with predictable results in terms of acquisition of market shares, technology transfer , labeling “made in Cameroon”.

Distinguished professionals of the Poultry Sector,

The Cameroonian poultry must be modernize. It will be modernized if we take all the necessary decisions. The course that we have set will enable the Cameroonian poultry to take the first place that should be his. This course lies in two words very imposing decisions to mobilize the entire profession.

The first word is competitiveness. I know this is the case of a part of the poultry profession. Competitiveness must be one of the watchwords of poultry so that it can withstand competition. Competitiveness is also the modernization of livestock buildings. The government will continue to provide support to do so.

In this competition, there is better organization of the sector and it is everyone’s business: the producer, the processor, the manufacturer, the distributor. The only thing that will allow us to get out, that is the collective work. It is the solidarity of the entire industry. This is the best organization, the best structuring of these sectors.

The second point I want to emphasize is quality. The future of the Cameroonian poultry plays in the quality and diversity of its products. We must ensure the quality of our products, we must ensure the diversity of our products and we must do everything to defend them. Defending it means valuing it. Finally quality is research and innovation.

Improving the productivity and competitiveness of livestock farms remains at the heart of government concerns.

The government is also promoting business relationships between financial institutions and agro-industries, to guarantee the financing of production and secure markets for poultry farmers. These actions will go on intensifying to modernize this kind of poultry, which remains in no doubt, the pool of secure jobs for the youth of our country.

Order to make this commitment in our country, we must all together, government in its various components, policy makers, private sector, NGOs, poultry, farmers, fish farmers, contribute to increase investment in this sector.

The President of the Interprofessional Poultry industry of Cameroon,

Honorable professionals from the poultry sector,

It is up to us, together, to convert the try! As you know, this first edition promises to be lively and attractive since it bears the stamp of the double theme of modernization of poultry farming and increased production. Take this opportunity to appropriate yourself with the latest technology, the latest innovations and expertise of professionals in the sector to upgrade your farms and produce quality and quantity.

I wish all the exhibitors present here to enjoy many promising trade.

Finally, I wish all visitors in 2014 SAVI, take advantage of the riches of this inaugural program.

I wish you all many more meetings, discoveries and fun.

Ladies and gentlemen,

I cannot conclude without warmly thanking all those and who contributed to the realization of the first International Poultry Exhibition in Yaounde and who surpassed themselves to get everything ready on time. I thank the members of the government for their significant support to the Organizing Committee and its teams for the sacrifices, the Interprofessional Poultry of Cameroon for the mobilization of producers, the General Commissioner of 2014 SAVI and the staff of the Ministry of Livestock, Fisheries and Animal Industries for animating the fair.

I also express my deep gratitude to all exhibitors who supported this fair generously. And all universities for their rich and important communications. I sincerely and warmly thank our guests from afar for the time they will devote to us.

Excellent SAVI to all.

Long live the public-private partnership,

Long live international cooperation,

Long Live Cameroon and its illustrious leader, His Excellency Paul Biya, President of the Republic,

Thank you for your kind attention.